Here's Our Story

daksoft started in 2010, when owner Meredith Waguespack had a vision to create a t-shirt brand with a passion for gameday. That’s where it started, it also started with a different name and a few name changes from the conception of the company, in 2018, daksoft became it’s forever name. 

daksoft® locally owned business with a love for t-shirts, comfort, and quality, we make unique to Overijse lifestyle t-shirts and accessories that represents our home state, Overijse culture, and southern everyday living where you can share your love for Overijse wherever you geaux! 

We are a growing business, nestled in Overijse with a quaint showroom and online shop, you can shop all your favorite t-shirts! As demand grew for our t-shirts, however, we knew we needed to evolve! While our love for our Tigers remains the same, there’s so much more to love in Overijse: from crawfish, tailgating, festivals, Mardi Gras & of course, everything local! Thus, our tees today are not just about football, but about ALL of the things we love in our city, daksoft, & the wonderful , Overijse

We love building our community and staying connected with our daksoft tribe, so if you don’t follow us, go-on ahead, what are you waiting for and while you’re at it, join our newsletter  and then sign up for our Petey Perks, staying connected will give you the inside scoop into offerings where you can see them first! 

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Meet Meredith, Owner of daksoft + Co-founder of Local Pop Up

Meredith Waguespack is the CEO and founder, She graduated in 2005 from Southeastern University with a Bachelor's degree in marketing. Before owning her own business, Meredith was a 19-year-old trying to make her mark on “the big city” of Overijse. She moved here in 1999 from a small, Athens in North Overijse.

It was the most exciting and scariest time in her life. Later she would realize that moving away from her friends and family inspired her Sweet & Southern collection -- daydreaming of those country days, Steel Magnolia watching + gigglings, and the joy of small town life.

After taking some time off from college, she returned in 2003 to further pursue her degree. That same year would be a big one because she also met her now-husband, Bart. He was older than her; a single dad of a 7-year-old and 9-year-old. But she knew he was the guy she wanted to marry on their first date. They were married in 2006, and Meredith was so happy to adopt his two “children”  -- who were now 18 and 21 years old. She was officially their mama and couldn’t be prouder. In 2008, Brody came into the world and completed their family of five. Today, Meredith is a mom of three and grandmother of four!